Answers to Common Questions

Q Why should I blog with MAS Media?

A Three words… exposure, exposure, exposure! The MAS Media Network has thousands and thousands of viewers every single day, and all of the 7 Network Blogs are Search-Engine-Optimized so your articles will get found. When viewers find one of your articles that they like, they’ll be able to find you as easily as they found the article. Since your name, your website and your email address will all be in the signatures of your articles, they’ll be able to find you whenever they want!

And remember, every post you write generates another inbound link to your site… automatically!

Q There aren’t many topics yet. What gives?

A This pathway is brand spanking new as of September 18th, 2010! We’ll be adding New Topics every day, and soon there will be more than you can shake a stick at.

Q I clicked the “Write this Post!” button, but it asked me for a username and password?

A Here’s the login info:

  • Username: MASMedia1
  • Password: MASMedia123

Make sure you read the Get Started section before you get started…

Q How can I find out when new topics are available?

A The easiest way to is to check this site every day to see what’s new, but it’s also really convenient to Follow Us on Twitter. Each time a new topic is made available, Twitter is usually the first to know.

Q How will readers know that I wrote the article if it’s published on a MAS Media blog?

A Your signature. Every article your write will have your own personalized signature that includes Your Name, Your Title, Your Business Name, Your Website, and Your Email Address. Your readers will have no trouble finding you!

Q What do I do if I forget to include my signature?

A You have two options.

  1. Leave a comment on the MAS Media Forum.
  2. Send us a message by clicking here.

Q I can’t figure out how to use the text editor to write my post. What do I do?

A You have two options:

  1. Send us a message by clicking here, and we’ll send you a tutorial.
  2. Use the WordPress Support section to get help

Q Can I share articles that I wrote with my family, friends, and clients?

A Absolutely! Share away!

Q Can I use articles that I write on MAS Media on my own blog too?

A No. All the ideas and content on the MAS Media Network are copyright protected (view the Policy). You will receive full credit for the articles you wrote with your custom signature, but you may not use the content on other blogs or websites.

Q Will my posts be edited after I submit them?

A Yes. Our team of blogging pro’s will edit your work to make sure it’s formatted correctly, engaging, and searchable. Our pro’s may also add links and pictures to your article depending on the topic. Rest assured… you’ll love what they do! And if you don’t, you can always tell us about it.

Q How long will it take for my post to show up on the blog?

A We try to do a same-day turn around on posts you submit, but sometimes it can take a few days if our volume is higher than average.

Q How do I get my picture in the sidebar on the blogs?

A If you contribute posts through MAS Media at least once every 2 weeks, you’ll get a spot in the Contributors Section of the sidebar! A contributor link will contain your photo, your name, your business name, your location, and a link to your website. It’s definitely worth the effort of producing 2 posts a month!

Q I can’t find an answer to my question. What do I do?

A You have two options.

  1. Leave a comment on the MAS Media Forum.
  2. Send us a message by clicking here.

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